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Your modern workplace is incomplete without an IT help desk support expert delivering a flexible and user-friendly service. We create a single point of contact (SPOC) for employees using IT devices so their issues can be addressed in a much easier and faster way, matching their requirements and maximizing productivity. Addressing both incident and service requests, our omnichannel approach provides organizations a single, unified experience for their customers.

We play a vital role in transforming IT teams to the most efficient ones, delivering splendid customer service. Offering visibility and centralized control in managing IT issues, our IT service desk helps to ensure that organizations experience no downtime.

Our support model monitors real-time user experience, provides insights to improve the performance score, and ensures the users can take advantage of the available resources to boost their productivity.

We offer dedicated onsite as well as remote service desk solutions to bring down any IT-related hurdles along your way to a smoother IT experience. We follow a First Call Resolution (FCR) approach to ensure your issues or questions are addressed with the very first call itself, so there’s no need for a follow-up.

Progressive Next’s service desk brings in 24×7 business application support (L1) based on SOPs. Offering global service desk support, our teams are well-equipped and experienced to manage different service management tools available, including ServiceNow, BMC Helix Remedy, SapphireIMS, and Symphony SummitAI.

Our Offerings

SLA Management & Reporting

Our SLA management & reporting team monitors the availability and performance of your critical applications and ensure that you consistently deliver on service commitments. Meet your business goals and drive higher business value through our all-in-one management of IT and IT processes. We help you align your critical business needs to your IT infrastructure while optimizing operational costs with improved efficiency of IT processes. In addition to 24×7 monitoring and support, we focus on customer satisfaction enhancement, reducing disputes between consumers & service providers followed by efficient SLA reporting service.

Workflow Automation

We automate your entire help-desk process to eliminate redundant activities that take up a lot of efforts and time if executed manually. Our automation service enables you to organize all your IT service requests, assign raised tickets to respective engineers and prioritize the same for better customer experience. The workflow automation approach we follow includes tracking down customer & support engineer interaction in order to automate tasks that are more relevant to your support system based on these actions. This helps you remove clutter and increase productivity of your support system and eliminate unnecessary downtime.

Asset Management

Our elite professionals organize and keep track of your critical resources, products, and business contracts, thereby enhancing the manageability of your assets. Added to complexity reduction of asset lifecycle management, utilization, planning, and budgeting, you gain complete visibility into the related operations network for precise decision making.

Inventory management (Hardware and Software)

    • We not only manage the software and hardware of your inventory system but also help you with your global supply chain management, help prevent stock-outs, and control the costs of your indirect materials.
    • We ensure safe packaging and accelerated shipments of your products, providing you complete, real-time visibility into your dispatched inventory and supply activity.

Asset lifecycle management

  • We save you from the complex management of your organization’s critical assets by managing their entire usage lifecycle; from acquisition to the disposition of your assets.

Tools Integration

We empower you to connect and integrate tools and applications that are best-suited for your business, cost-effectively. With seamless synchronization, migrations and integrations of various tools, we deliver a collaborated and highly productive milieu for development purposes. Leveraging our integration service, you can establish cross-tool and cross-team collaboration over diverse frameworks.

Vendor Management

Our vendor management service helps organizations in eliminating unnecessary expenses on inefficient vendors, driving excellence in service, mitigating risk and making the most out of their vendors throughout the contract life cycle.

We help you choose the right vendors for your business, organize them in line with right contract, decisive metrics and relationship. We also give you a complete picture of ideal number of vendors, risks associated while using those vendors and best-suited approach to establish a vendor management system that caters to all your enterprise needs.

This empowers companies to ideally grow, manage and control vendor contracts, connections and execution of successful delivery of committed products and services. This helps you achieve business goals, abate potential business disruption, avoid vendor lock-in, and minimize contract & delivery failure.

Why Progressive?

  • First Call Resolution (FCR) based approach
  • Real-time actionable analytics
  • Global service desk support
  • Business application support

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