"Time is money." Ben Franklin coined the phrase more than two centuries ago, but it's just as true today for modern companies. Automation of routine tasks paves the way to creating truly self-managed environments, where the system itself handles the configuration. As we have seen, in the current pandemic situation, enterprises are struggling to come up with ways to support

The COVID-19 pandemic has made organizations realise that telecommuting and remote working is inevitable. These thoughts were prevalent before the pandemic as well, but the year 2020 has converted those thoughts into actions in an accelerated manner. It actually makes sense to allow employees to work from home. For instance, employers can reduce office space, hire better talent, and cover more

Gone are the days when the workplace was merely a physical space employee occupied during regular office hours. Today's world has blurred the lines between the physical office and the place where work actually happens. As the workplace is becoming truly digital, it is important for employees to communicate and collaborate in a new fashion. Organizations are gradually realising this

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Change is the only constant in life.” Despite being centuries old, these words could not be more precise and clearer in today’s competitive world of IT and business. The IT Service Desk has evolved through change from its humble origins as a technical helpdesk to a more incorporated and critically integrated arm under any business operation.